Textile company MADIYO DEKNA has been operating on the Russian market for 14 years yet. Our production policy determines optimal combination of price and quality, wide range of knitted fabric, constantly update of the product line.

Design of the products is constantly updating and able to satisfy the most refined taste. Futhermore, our company is able to make fabrics with exclusive paintings, even provided by the client. The supply’s geography of a knitted fabric, manufactured by MADIYO DEKNA, covers the whole Russia and many European countries. The company is ready to cooperate with small and medium-sized businesses, and also with big sewing manufacture companies. Any volume of products can be made by order of the client within three weeks. Low prices for MADIYO knitted fabrics are maintained due to big volume of production. And a stable demand determines high quality.

Our own production in Russia was started on February 2014. The MADIYO TEKSTIL factory is located in Ivanovo region, Furmanov. 260 people are working on the production at the moment. The volume of production is in average 12-15 tons per day. We use raw materials only of a high quality from the best providers of Uzbekistan and Russia. Knitted fabric, released by MADIYO TEKSTIL, is manufactured on a modern European equipment, using the newest European dyes, and fits all the European standards. Quality control is used at the input and output of the finished product, during the manufacturing of the fabric.

MADIYO DEKNA values its reputation, so all the obligations are met qualitatively and on time. Our clients are important for us, and we try to find a personal approach for each of them, provide a reliable service and maximum performance of any order.

MADIYO is a quality, tested by the time!